Auckland Streets Part 1

Auckland streets are narrow and constricting.

Walking down High Street I feel the restricting-

    nature of their composition.

I feel a transition -


Streets are closing –

 In – diving

 In -

Some say these Streets are young and naïve. I say they are mean.  I say they are keen

      to grab the knife (of complacency) and take a life – Yours. Mine.

      It doesn’t’ matter because it’s all the same.

And bury us truants with a shovel

No choice but to move on to the next level

       Like a video game

All unexpected, unsuspected, resurrected -

       can’t be  tamed

What I am after.

I just have to find out.

The Chase

Chasing big dreams you left me, and went to the Golden City. Chasing space and chasing time, with promises of foreign lands and new and old adventures. Chasing freedom from what held you back-
I chase you and I chase life.
A conflict of interest. To choose you was not enough to keep you-
Everyone tells me that I carry you around-
Memories, curls, eyes, soul, ashes.

I know Better. I look around and all I see is space-
Is your bed-
Are your sheets-
Gone with the wind.
They say you are ‘watching’ me, but all I see is my reflection.

You are finally free, and I’m happy for you.

We will meet again.